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LOCATION: Brookings, SD

SERVICES: Architecture

In the Northeast corner of the First Lutheran Church property in Brookings, United Way shares meals with community members during times of need. The new Brookings Area United Way building houses several non-profit tenants operating under the same footprint, and features vaulted ceilings, efficient lighting that fills the space, and a walk-in freezer and refrigerator unit for perishables.

This facility sits properly on its lot, allowing the best possible flow of vehicles to come and go easily. The somewhat humble facade issues a feeling of surety, with two robust brick walls that stand guard before the front facing entrances. Inside, the space is divided accordingly between six offices, two conference rooms, senior commodity storage, a food pantry, and space to host a backpack program for school children. A Mothers’ Room is a caring addition to the set of four bathrooms (eight stalls), and a well-planned utility room doubles as a drop-off/loading bay on the backside of the building. 

TYPE: Non-profit


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 7,640 sq. ft.

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