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LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

SERVICES: Architecture

Far more than a car wash, Clean Ride Auto Spa features full-service auto detailing, a pet wash station, self-service vacuums and The Clean Bean, a coffee shop integrated into the wide-open lobby. Clean Ride was able to acquire a highly sought after location in a fast-growing commercial section of Sioux Falls, just West of 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

The building structure is comprised of three different construction types for each of its three primary function areas, as allowable by building codes. The wash bay was framed with light-frame wood, the detail bay was pre-engineered metal building package, and the coffee shop was field framed with steel post & beam. This hybrid structural approach, though unconventional, allowed each area to be value engineered in distinct ways according to the capabilities of each construction method.

TYPE: Commercial

SQUARE FOOTAGE: 10,830 sq. ft.

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