LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

TYPE: Hospitality

SERVICES: Architecure, Interior Design

SF: 62,465

COMPLETION: January, 2018

The 116-unit Elmwood Hotel & Conference Center is one of
the more complex hotel undertakings of the local region, both in program and in built form. Due to the unique site and close proximity to Elmwood Golf Course , the building was splayed in three directions and encapsulates a "clubhouse" feel throughout the common areas. 

Unique amenities to this hotel include a Golf Office, Team Display Room, and golf cart parking.  The Conference side is developed around the premise of openness and natural beauty. A large pre-function wing wraps itself around the meeting room spaces and offers unparalleled views to Elmwood Golf Course.


The Prefunction space eventually connects to an attached restaurant, the Crooked Pint. The restaurant kitchen was developed to share amenities with the Conference program, thus saving space and duplicates of expensive kitchen equipment.

830 2nd St. Brookings, SD 57006
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