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LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

SERVICES: Architecture, Interior Design

The Lifelight Youth Center provides outreach to many dozens of teens for the City of Sioux Falls. The facility was clearly dated with deteriorating finishes in several areas. designArc Group was contacted for the renovation project to modernize and adapt to today's ideal teen environment.

The lower level of the facility now features an open floor area, used by Lifelight as the gymnasium and for large group activities. Also provided on the lower level is a 16x20 temporary stage that allows for free concerts for at-risk youth to come and have a safe place to interact with the staff and other youth.

The second floor consists of the large youth room, smaller gathering spaces, and a coffee bar. This floor allows for the youth in the community to come and develop friendships with each other and with the Lifelight staff. The youth room consists of large television, ping pong table and foosball tables. 

The third floor is designated for staff purposes only, and features three private offices for head staff, a larger office for additional staff, and a large conference room for full staff gatherings.

TYPE: Non-profit/Youth Enrichment


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 3,600 sq. ft. renovation

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