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LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

SERVICES: Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design

After having completed several other projects on campus for McCrossan Boys Ranch, as well as assisted with their Chamber Appeal master planning efforts, designArc Group was delegated the design of the new Mccrossan Boys Ranch Visitor Center. This 5,000+ sq. ft. facility houses several new features that the Ranch previously was without. Namely, the facility serves as a visitor center and “first stop” for both educational and security purposes. Much of the facility is a walking tour of the history and aesthetic of the Ranch, with displays by Creative Surfaces of Sioux Falls. Other new amenities include a medium-sized banquet hall, gift shop, and an archive room. The archive room will house the records of each individual boy, in which they are welcome to come back and visit their past life at the Ranch.

designArc Group worked with both McCrossan staff as well as Creative Surface reps, providing real-time 3D updates to the display layout and interior finish selections, to help staff visualize the end product and the incorporation of their unique Owner-supplied furnishings, including their centennial wagon and a life-size draft horse model.

TYPE: Non-profit/Youth Enrichment


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 5,177 sq. ft.

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