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LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

SERVICES: Architecture, Interior Design

One Willow Creek and Two Willow Creek were complete within different phases two years apart. Special emphasis was placed upon the exterior color selections, for an exciting but familiar building appearance. As the first buildings on a new block, this bold selection will have a large impact on the local site.

One Willow Creek programming features 34 luxury apartment units with five different unit types. The building features a yoga/exercise room, large commons area, private dining room, and grade level integrated private parking.

Two Willow Creek's window scheme deviated from One Willow Creek for more flexible unit living area layouts, upon client analysis. Two Willow Creek features 44 luxury apartments with seven different unit types. The building also features a community living room, library, and underground parking.

TYPE: Supply/Distribution


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 33,000 sq. ft.

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