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LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

SERVICES: Architecture

Pillar Dental in Sioux Falls, SD is an innovative and highly trained dental clinic that offers dentistry services from cosmetic whitening to neuromuscular disease and cancer treatment. Pillar and her associates employ today's technology to bring the smiles of tomorrow shining through.

As an early arrival to the Lake Lorraine development, the Pillar Dental building won a lake-side position, and has amazing views from private decks on either tenant space. The contrasting colors and textures of the exterior stand out against the blue backdrop of Lorraine and appear cubic and modular. The interior, on the other hand, contains a circularly designed space broken up with partial walls that divide operating rooms from hygiene, along with all other dental office functions. This circular pattern is echoed by the ceiling and similarly curved reception desk.

TYPE: Commercial/Medical


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 10,190 sq. ft.


Lake Lorraine - Sioux Falls, SD

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