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LOCATION: SD State Fairgrounds | Huron, SD

SERVICES: Architecture

This sheep barn and livestock plaza is the newest iteration of facility to house the annual Open Class Sheep exhibit during the SD State Fair, also hosting equine and other livestock events throughout the year.

The SHED, at nearly 42,000 square feet, features an expansive interior that includes an education center, 30 bay wash rack, and 2,300 square foot centralized show ring. An 800 sq. ft. mezzanine gives event attendees a bird's eye view of the facility interior, and clerestory glazing directs natural light throughout the space.

As a community effort, the facility construction is partially publicly funded, with groundbreaking date to coincide with the 2024 South Dakota State Fair.

TYPE: Public/Event


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 42,000 sq. ft.

See details about The SHED and make the South Dakota State Fair vision part  of your mission.

South Dakota State Fair


Huron, SD


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