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LOCATION: Brookings, SD

SERVICES: Architecture

Situated on the southern outskirts of Brookings, Dakota Prairie stands firmly on agricultural land that was sequestered and repurposed. Its strategic location and imposing architectural presence make it a key element in the city's future planning endeavors.

The conceptual design was a collaborative effort involving designArc Group of Brookings, Cannon Moss Brygger Architects of Sioux City, and active participation from members of the school district and instructors. This diverse team ensured that the building design adhered to all necessary standards and incorporated the desired features.

The architectural layout of Dakota Prairie is characterized by separate pods, clearly depicted on the floor plan, which are connected by expansive outdoor classroom spaces. The design places a strong emphasis on embracing natural elements, with native prairie grasses, undulating hills, and strategically placed shelter belt trees, giving the campus its namesake, Dakota Prairie. The deliberate irregularity of the building's footprint encourages innovative approaches to landscaping, challenging cultural norms and fostering creativity within the environment.

TYPE: Public/Education


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 95,000 sq. ft.

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