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designArc Group team profile

designArc Group subscribes to the belief that quality work stems from collaboration and a continuous emphasis on open feedback. We strive to learn as much from each other as we do on our own. In doing so, an environment is fostered in which creative and motivated individuals can benefit from the expertise of their colleagues. It is this cumulative knowledge and energy with which we approach every project. It is our belief that the highly-motivated nature of our team is reflected in the architectural solutions we develop for our clients.

Founded in 2008, designArc Group is a close-knit, growing architectural office providing a wide range of design services for South Dakota and the surrounding states.  At designArc Group, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we develop with each of our clients.  We seek to familiarize ourselves as best we can with the unique challenges that each new project presents.  Through working closely with our clients and maintaining an open dialogue of collaboration within our office, we are able to address these challenges with solutions that are sure to satisfy - or surpass - your expectations.  For most, employing the services of an architectural office is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and at designArc, we are acutely aware of this fact.  As such, we make every effort possible to maintain a sensible and fiscally-responsible attitude towards the design and construction of your project.


In the years since our office opened, we’ve been hard at work, diversifying our portfolio to accommodate the commercial, residential, institutional, and historical needs of the individuals and organizations within our community.  Whether your aspirations have matured into drawings in a notebook, or if you’re still in the “day-dreaming” stage, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultation policy. Our team is eagerly waiting to apply the breadth of our knowledge and experience to your project!

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Les Rowland

Les is the founder, business owner, and stamp-holder for designArc Group. Les’ broad background includes more than 26 years of design experience for many commercial, hospitality, health care, education, religious, and residential buildings. His experience extends throughout South Dakota, Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, Montana, and Iowa.


Whenever he’s able, Les is out bow-hunting or fishing, but he usually is enjoying his time together with his wife Sara and their three children, Benjamin, Madelyn, and August.


Matthew Weiss

Matthew graduated from North Dakota State University’s Master of Architecture program, class of 2014, and has been working at designArc Group ever since. Matthew is a licensed Architect in the state of South Dakota, and the designated Revit captain for the team. He has experience in the design and management of a broad range of project types, including multi-family, general commercial, and institutional facilities, as well as master site design and planning.

Matt enjoys spending his free-time with his wife, Jess, and energetic little son, Teddy. He also enjoys golfing with friends, jogging around town in the summer, and playing pool with the co-workers after hours.

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Thomas Squires

Tom graduated from South Dakota State University with a Masters of Architecture, and has been with designArc for 10 years. Tom has expansive knowledge of computer technology and experience in design and management of a broad range of projects, including public project, multi-family, institutional facilities and master planning.


Tom is also an avid hunter when time allows, enjoys spending time with his wife and twin girls, and attending local sporting events on the weekends.

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Nicholas Kummer

Nicholas graduated in 2019 from South Dakota State University with a Masters of Architecture. His devotion to preserving historic buildings has led him to take on an active role specializing in restoring existing buildings. Nicholas donates his time to this passion by working with the Sioux Falls Board of Historic Preservation. At designArc Group, Nicholas enjoys graphic representation, rendering, and construction detailing while integrating functional design.

Nicholas is a classic car enthusiast, hobbyist car mechanic, and enjoys the outdoors with his friends and family. 

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Emily Linehan

Emily is a Brookings local who graduated from South Dakota State University with a Master of Architecture in 2019. She later joined designArc Group in the fall of 2020. Emily assists in design, graphic representation, computer modeling, and construction document drafting.

Outside of the office, Emily enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys traveling, scrapbooking, movies, and house projects. 

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Alicen Strombeck

Joining designArc Group in 2020, Alicen’s expertise in architectural design spans decades since 1992. Alicen has facilitated a range of projects in SD, NM, and most recently Houston, TX. Since 2002, healthcare has been her primary design focus, but many other facility types have found their way across her desk. Alicen is proficient in the latest drafting software, 3D modeling, and enjoys helping each project be successful on all levels.


Alicen has three teenage kids (triplets) who keep her very busy with after-school activities. She is also a very active citizen of Bridgewater, SD, as the Planning and Zoning Commission President and as a City Council member of Ward 1.

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Hermela Aboye

Hermela graduated from South Dakota State University with a Masters of Architecture, and joined designArc in 2021. Born in Ethiopia and having earned a Bachelor’s degree there, she has a diverse educational and professional background. Hermela assists with graphic representations and construction documents, and has a talent for site analysis studies.


In her free time, Hermela enjoys traveling to visit her family and friends. She also enjoys reading, music, painting and other indoor activities.

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Joshua Wagner

Joshua, who joined designArc Group in 2022, earned his Master of Architecture in 2016 from South Dakota State University. While pursuing his degree he worked for the department of architecture as a teaching assistant, special projects manager, shop foreman, and graduate assistant. Still in contact with the department, he attends many student reviews, and has served as a visiting instructor teaching design fundamentals at SDSU.

After hours, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons or learning new techniques to add to his musical toolbelt.

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Tyson Vogt

Tyson graduated from South Dakota State University with a Master of Architecture in the spring of 2022. With hard work and professional courtesy, Tyson assists with most primary architectural tasks as well as minor project management. His addition to the team is an invaluable asset which adds new life and a bright future to our quickly growing firm. 

Tyson is a veteran with the South Dakota National Guard, recently married his longtime sweetheart, and is devoted to raising housing standards for everyone. 

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Amber Engels

Amber joined designArc Group in 2022, after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from SDSU. She works closely with the design team, selecting interior finishes and assisting architects as needed. Her passions include seeing the value in existing buildings, preserving original character, staying conscious of maintaining a sustainable footprint, and maximizing functionality in each space she designs. 


Amber grew up on a farm and loves spending time outdoors either on the farm, hunting, or fishing with family. She can also be found at the next country concert or rodeo in the summer.

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Victoria Dubbeldee

Tori joined our team as a Student Intern in 2021, expected to graduate with Masters at SDSU in 2024. Tori assists with a wide range of tasks including construction documents, graphical representations, and proposal response documents. Her quick learning and willing attitude is very much appreciated at designArc Group.


Tori’s passions are painting, fishing, and going to the family cabin on weekends.

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