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LOCATION: Lake Kampeska | Watertown, SD

SERVICES: Architecture, Master Planning

Stony Point has a famed history of community gathering, celebration, and lake side enjoyment. The property was once home to a Ferris wheel, skating rink, dance hall, billiards hall, bowling alley, water slide, and trap-shooting field. Undoubtedly the location of countless family get-togethers and local events. Over the decades, the property fell into disrepair and nearly returned to wetland off the shores of Lake Kampeska.

designArc was chosen to re-imagine the site as one to not only visit, but also to call home. The owner’s vision is to modernize the storied feeling of luxurious lake side entertainment, adding the anchor of condominiums for residents to retreat to after the day’s amusements are done.  

The project, separated by three phases, includes a marina and plans to resurrect many of the diversions once found at the historical site. 

TYPE: Commercial/Multi-family


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 140,036 sq. ft. (Phase 1)

Lake Side Condominiums


Lake Kampeska, SD


View our Phase II conceptual designs of the Stony Point development below.

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