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LOCATION: Sioux Falls, SD

SERVICES: Architecture, Interior Design

VIKOR Teleconstruction (formerly Sioux Falls Tower) is a communications tower contracting company that has led the industry in technological and safety advancements, and continue to do so with their innovative office procedures and training facilities.  The building is a 2-story, architectural precast shell with a unique and “unbalanced” facade pattern. The spaces are organized by function, with a two-story office area occupying roughly half of the building footprint and a 2-story warehouse occupying the other half.

The main lobby is a double-height space and includes large glazing for natural sunlight, as well as wall-mounted acoustical panels to maintain an open, airy environment to visitors. On the stair wall is a large mural designed by designArc Group. The warehouse doubles as a 30’ training facility, with mock-up communications tower equipment for training seminars.

TYPE: Technology


SQUARE FOOTAGE: 15,075 sq. ft.

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